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Ara Guler - Armenian Turkish Photographer


Ara Guler


Turkish Armenian photographer Ara Güler was born in Istanbul in 1928. His father owned a pharmacy and had a wide circle of friends from the art world of the period. Ara Güler's early contact with this world motivated him to embark on a career in cinema. Already during his high school years, he jobbed in movie studios and attended drama courses. However, he abandoned cinema in favor of journalism, joining the staff of the newspaper Yeni Istanbul as photojournalist in 1950 and studying Economics at the University of Istanbul at the same time. He then transferred to another newspaper, Hürriyet.In 1958, the American magazine company Time Life opened a branch in Turkey, and Güler became its first correspondent for the Near Wasr. In 1961, he was employed by the Turkish magazine Hayat as head of the photographic department.It was around this period that he met Henri Cartier-Bresson and Marc Riboud, who both encouraged him to join the Magnum Photos agency, which he did. He was presented in the British Photography Yearbook, published in the United Kingdom in 1968, named Güler one of the seven best photographers in the world. In 1962, he received the "Master of Leica” award in Germany.. In 1961, he was accepted as the only Turkish member to the ASMP (today American Society for Media Photographers). The Swiss magazine Camera honored him with a special issue. In the 1960s, Ara Güler's photographs illustrated books by notable authors and were put on display at various exhibitions throughout the world, in  New York, in Germany, in Switzerland.

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